Brew your favorite coffee at home with Starbucks Privé Clover

Starbucks is a chain known for its refreshing, frothy and full bodied brews. If you have been longing for a sip of this heavenly cuppa at home, then look no further as the Starbucks Privé Clover is here. This is actually a line of home coffee brewing products that are designed and sold by the famous coffee chain. Caffeine addicts and aficionados who are mushy about high quality shots will love the machine.

Privé Clover

What’s special about this device is that it can brew coffee just to your liking. There is no need to remember all the cumbersome controls that are required to prepare your kind of brew. The machine will prepare your daily fix automatically as it will have down pat all the settings required to make the brew to tickle your taste buds. The simple interface of this machine was inspired by the easy to use iPhone application.

You can prepare different blends with this machine, together with new blends released by Starbucks in the market. Additionally, it is also possible to customize blends on the machine. Any settings required to make a cup of coffee to your taste can be created on the machine by just visiting your nearest Starbucks Barista.

The appliance is actually a product of Clover coffee machine. When the CEO of Starbucks sipped a java fix prepared by this machine, he was blown over. The original heavyweight coffee machines for commercial use were then reduced in size to fit kitchen countertops. So, if you are simply nutty about premium coffee and would love to fix a fresh cup of mocha or café au lait at home, then this affordable machine is just the thing you want.

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