Breaking Stories 2008 – The very best of Scoops @ TheDesignBlog

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As the new year beckons, we at TheDesignBlog look back at the year gone by as a very productive one. At TheDesignBlog it has been our constant endeavor to bring you the latest and the best in design and innovation. Delivering exclusive content and the much sought after “breaking-stories” we have tried to carve out a niche for ourselves in this vast blogosphere. Whether successful or not we have managed to generate for ourselves a loyal readership that constantly encourages us. It is these people that we’d like to thank for making this blog what it truly is. Also we must express our gratitude to those countless emails – from readers, from aspiring and established designers, from industrial houses and so on and so forth – who made it possible for TheDesignBlog to achieve greater heights during 2008. We cannot express the joy that we feel when people get something out of our coverage of their designs and products.

With that out of the way, we take this opportunity to present to you a round-up of the best stories that we covered over the past year. And lest we forget, a very “HAPPY NEW YEAR” to all of you!

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