Braun Apex showerhead concept to help conserve clean water

Standing under the shower is quite relaxing, but showering like this can waste a lot of clean water that is definitely precious in today’s world. People are coming up with various methods to conserve water and working on the same terms is the product designer Cathy Sanders, who has come up with a retrofit shower head named Braun Apex.

Braun apex

The shower head will make people aware about the downfalls of wasting water and will inject a sense of awareness in terms of conserving water. The bathroom accessory has been specially designed for the 2012 Braun Prize. The brilliant design will bring down water overuse by the presence of a full spray and mist function. Normally, 2.5 gallons of water flows out of the shower head in just a minute. But, the brilliantly designed water conserving Braun Apex will save 18 gallons of water in just 12 minutes, which is worth applauding.

Braun Apex has been fashioned out of sustainable materials and comes embedded with blue colored LED lights. These energy saving lights will clearly indicate the amount of water used in gallons while showering, in turn creating the much needed awareness. Each LED lights displayed on the sides clearly represents one gallon of water, while the front LED lights represent the time chosen. The curvy concept has been blessed with good looks and will definitely find a place in many bathrooms because of its water conserving feature.

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