Braille Wallpaper lets the visually impaired go through rich literature

braille wallpaper 01

Books with its educational as well as entertainment values is possibly the best companion of a person, but unfortunately not for all, for the visually impaired or special users have to live without experiencing the rich and vast storehouse of literature due to the lack of proper tools. Addressing the issue, designer Ilias Fotopoulos has come up with a solution in the form of the “Braille Wallpaper” that using the Braille with a variety of 3D media provides the visually impaired an opportunity to publish and go through the works or publications of other writers. Users need to touch the wallpaper to feel the tactile patterns or raised segments combined to tell the story. The Braille Wallpaper will be on display during The London Design Festival 2010.

braille wallpaper

Via: Mocoloco

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