Bracelet for diabetics keeps a tab on heartbeat and glucose levels

Living with diabetes is a tough job. This ailment is growing rapidly around the world and there are a lot of patients out there who need help to live with this condition every day. Here is a smart gadget that can help you out. The FHL wristband will help patients monitor their lifestyle on a daily basis and can therefore enhance the quality of their life.

Diabetes Concept Bracelet

The contraption is not bulky, cumbersome or difficult to operate. You just have to strap it around your wrist and the doodad will carry out the necessary task for you. It wraps tightly around your hand using a magnetic fastening system. The contraption is really dependable as it keeps a check on the patient’s condition in real time. It examines the patient’s glucose level and heart beat at all times. Also, the patient’s dietary input records are scrutinized by this gadget.

The band has an app Insu-Lator. This application actually takes in data from any remote physical monitoring system like the wrist band and then sends it out to a smartphone or any other device linked to your app. This system can actually calculate the exact amount of insulin needed by the diabetic patient.

The wireless enabled gadget embeds an intelligent textile that is capable of monitoring the patient’s heart beat. It applies a reverse iontophoresis process to keep a tab on the patient’s glucose level. This innovative textile is created by Footfalls and Heartbeats. A battery holder has also been implanted into the band. Diabetic patients can strap on this gadget and then bid adieu to their worries.

Via: Cargo Collective

4 thoughts on “Bracelet for diabetics keeps a tab on heartbeat and glucose levels”

  1. I would love to see more about this I’m a diabetic for several years and have become sever resistant to insulin this would be great to see work.

  2. Hi,am frm pakistan & I hav been suffering from diabetes type 1 since I was 13 years old and last month I just turned 25, I really wanted to buy one of these if these really exist..
    Please do let me know where can I buy these wristbands.

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