Boîte is a modular meeting room with a relaxed setting

This modular structure, christened as Boite, has been designed to hold official meetings, will leave executives thoroughly contented. Mostly, meeting rooms are uptight and formal, but the ambiance of this one is completely different. Devised to hold small gatherings, the sturdy space has a transparent and casual setting. The nifty cabin is available in a number of varieties and finishes.

Boîte Modular meeting area

Though modular, the structure is quite robust. The basic framework is solid and tough. Stamped and welded sheet metal is used as the primary hulk of the meeting room. All components are attached to this basic skeleton, thus they stay steady and reinforce the strength of the enclosure.

The area is perfect for lounging about and holding a casual meeting. It is easy to reach out to the low flexible table. The seats stationed along side are also quite comfy. The cubicle is based on the research conducted in conjunction with Herman Miller.

It has all amenities that you will need to hold a typical meeting. The space is well illuminated with LED lights, which are cost effective, eco friendly and also neat to look at. The low table fitted inside has a thoughtful design. You can easily rest a coffee mug on it or lean forward and take notes. With the spin of a hinge, you can also convert the table into an ergonomic work surface.

The meeting space is available in three different configurations, namely, open, closed and double. The open concept has a relaxed setting while the closed one has a glass enclosure allowing people to speak candidly on sensitive and confidential topics. The double Boite is more spacious and can accommodate eight instead of just four people at a time.

Source: Douglass Challer

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