Bossini’s iPod Showerhead soothes your body and soul

mp3 shower head by bossini  01

Apple somehow seems to find a place for its gadgets in your home products. Earlier we covered the iPad Chair, now it’s time for the iPod shower with speakers. Produced by Bossini, the “MP3 Shower Head” is essentially a high-tech shower that apart from raining the water also showers music to let the user enjoy the Aquavolo Music-Chromotherapy, soothing his/her body as wells as soul. Featuring a Jet WideRain or Jet Waterfall and a sound system, complete with two speakers, where you can connect your iPod or other MP3 player, the latest showerhead combines music with chromotherapy to allow an ecstatic experience. Made in stainless steel, the MP3 shower presents a modern and minimal design to complement contemporary bathrooms.

mp3 shower head by bossini  05
mp3 shower head by bossini  02
mp3 shower head by bossini  03
mp3 shower head by bossini  04

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