Bosch 360 washer and dryer is a real eye-catcher

bosch 360 washer and dryer1

Designers: Lee Owen and Doug Cox.

This concept washer and dryer concept is not just designed to look great, but is created to address the washing issues of both the front loading machines and the top loading machines. The Bosch 360 washer and dryer combo utilizes a spherical drum design that allows it to wash clothes in all directions for maximum cleaning. The unique spherical shell shape makes it a real head turner. The door of the Bosch 360 is equipped with a touchscreen control panel. Using the touchscreen display is as easy as it could be. You have to simply touch the cycles that you want to use it. Moreover, you have an easy wipe surface to clean. There is nothing special about the technology integrated. The most significant thing that makes the machine stand apart from the crowd is its dome-shaped touch display.

bosch 360 washer and dryer2bosch 360 washer and dryer3bosch 360 washer and dryer5bosch 360 washer and dryer4

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