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The boombox implanted in Sonic Walk stays put even when you are exercising

A common hitch with most headphones is that it is not easy to move around with them. Either they keep sliding off or their wires get tangled every now and then. At the most you can walk around wearing them but it is not possible to run, jog or exercise without tugging or pulling at them. This can be thoroughly bugging, especially for hardcore audiophiles, who only get time to listen to music when they are on the move or working out. However, the purposeful design of the Sonic Walk addresses all these issues. Sporty users and people who zip around a lot will be able to manage the contraption effortlessly.

Sonic Walk

The gizmo basically consists of a strap-on shoulder attachment. From the front, it looks like you are wearing a backpack, but you are actually carrying around your own boombox. So, the design completely eliminates wires that create hassle. The strap fits tight on your shoulders and doesn’t fall loose easily when you move around. The rapture comes from the two small speakers attached to your shoulder straps. As the speakers are just inches away from your ears, all sonic tunes can be heard loud and clear.

Its sleek design comes in various sizes and has different kinds of sport specific systems attached to it. For jogging and running, the 300 series Lighting measuring 8.5 oz is a good choice. Pick the medium sized 600 series Sierra for outdoor activities like hiking, biking and camping. And if you want to dash around on you motorbike, then the contraption will stay tethered as long as you keep the speed below 60 mph. The smart gadget will cost you at least USD 90.

Moreover, this gizmo designed for listening to music on the go, has many other handy add-ons. The LEDs embedded are very useful during the night as they increase visibility. You can stash away things in its hydration pockets and pouches. Actually, various models of Sonic Walk come with different types of utilitarian accessories. Although similar such products have been marketed before, the design of Sonic Walk is a much more user friendly and ergonomic. So, strap it on and enjoy the blast.

Via: Gizmag

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