Book Bookshelf stick books for a shelf

book book shelf
Finalist of the Spring Greening Contest, the “Book Bookshelf” might not withstand the gloss and elegance of modern-day storage units available in the market; however, it definitely gives true value to the old books by binding them into a bookshelf to accumulate their contemporary counterparts. The Book Bookshelf by Yann Martel and Nick Hornby not just allows the users to flaunt all the titles they (might) have completed, but also help in recycling the useless books to carve an innovative furniture (storage) for your living place. Interestingly, the length of the bookshelf varies according to the collection of books of the particular user.

book book shelf 1

Via: Inhabitat

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  1. I love the idea of this one but I have seen the tutorial on how to do this, and I kinda have doubts making book bookshelf myself. It ruins the book and you should preserve them even in this hi-tech generation.

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