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Bolid heavy duty tractor could be the future of farming

We’ve all heard of unmanned aircrafts that are operated remotely by pilots using a GPS, a video feed and a really good pair of controls. But the same kind of technology has not really made its way into the public sphere (barring the kid in ‘Home Alone 3’ who takes on a team of international goonies using a camcorder installed on top of an RC toy car) which is why the Bolid heavy duty tractor concept by designer Christoph Proessler makes such a great case for itself.

Bolid heavy duty tractor

Most agricultural land in bigger countries like Australia and America is tended to by individual farmers who need to employ people to operate heavy agricultural machinery to take care of their acreage. What the Bolid Concept proposes for farms of this size in an unmanned, GPS controlled RC tractor that is heavy duty enough to take care of farming needs while being maneuverable enough to be controlled remotely as well.

CPU and GPS navigation allow unmanned operation of the farm vehicle with a flying cabin module that allows the farmer to keep an eye on the tractor as it works and even maintain control of several such machines working simultaneously as well. shaped like a caricature of a bull (more precisely the iconic Charging Bull sculpture installed on Wall Street), the Bolid heavy duty tractor concept could be ideal for large scale farms and the next generation tractor concept could also be adjusted to meet the demands of different topographical conditions as well.

[Cheers Christoph]

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