Bobble Brush Timer keeps track of your brushing time

Maintaining hygiene is very important for good health and our dental structure is a part of it. But, the most difficult thing is to remember the number of minutes spent to clean teeth. Are you one amongst those who finds it difficult to keep time while cleaning teeth every morning and evening? Fret no more, as Bobble Brush Timer is here to keep track of the time you spend cleaning teeth.

Bobble Brush Timer

The cute little equipment looks like a flower vase, with the top part missing. The product comes coated with a lot of style and won’t consume a lot of space. It comes fitted with a mechanical timer and an alarm that keeps you well informed about the amount of time spent brushing teeth. The mechanical timer is preset to two minute and will help you achieve perfect dental hygiene.

Bobble Brush Timer has been made using plastic and rubber. The top part has been made from hard plastic, while the base has been crafted out of rubber. The use of rubber for the base gives it a good grip and makes sure the timer doesn’t slither or fall from the surface it is placed on. The design of Bobble Brush Timer is very attention grabbing and most of the everyday, non electronic brushes can fit into it.

Cleaning the timer won’t pose much of a trouble, as the top and mid sections of the design can be snapped apart for easy cleaning. It has a width and height of 2.5 inch and 2.4 inch, respectively. Bobble Brush Timer will be the perfect partner for your toothbrush and will win praises because of its functionality. So, place your toothbrush in the striking timer cum alarm as the Bobble Brush Timer helps you achieve perfect teeth cleaning.

Via: Quirky

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