Boat majestically in the lap of nature with Ilha

ilha 01

Nature has blessed us with several gifts which keep entertaining us with their enchanting appeal. Boating is the way that engrosses us totally to the depth of magical and intoxicating rivers and lakes. The deliberately designed Ilha by Alexandre Bellerose offers an environmentally friendly approach to preserve the nature while extracting pleasure from it. This little graceful boat stores the energy contributed by each passenger by foot paddling, through a well constructed system, allowing the user to paddle at his own pace.

Adding to your thrill, the exclusively designed caterpillar tracks lets the boat go around the shallow water and the well integrated water gun splashes water all over making you wet. It features an electronic assistance mechanism and is capable of opening up its wings to form a small, firm and personal island. Its foldable and light weighted seats can be adjusted for more space and the foldable sunshade can also be rotated accordingly. The design merges the splendor of nature with its conservation. When nature can serve such bliss, it becomes our duty to respect all its resources by minimizing their exploitation through our acts.

ilha 02
ilha 03

[Cheers Alexandre]

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