BMW takes wraps off electric maxi-scooter concept

BMW E-ScooterEnvisioned by BMW, the E-scooter concept has emerged to fulfill the changing demands of urban population. This futuristic vehicle works on a highly fuel efficient motor that works on a chargeable battery. The vehicle can be used for many purposes.The BMW E-scooter was funded by Germany’s federal ministry of transport, building and urban development. It was developed with two goals in mind: to show performance comparable to a 600cc combustion engine and to work out as a good medium of transport.

The main idea behind the creation of this scooter is to offer enough power and speed to climb steeps and can cover 100km in few minutes. BWM used electric motor in the scooter instead of hub motor design because of targeted performance levels in mind. The electric motor is placed in the main structure of body. The electric motor is cooled by liquid, which circulates through the radiator with an electric cooling pump. The battery is of standard quality and is placed in the main body.

The best feature of this battery is that it can be charged fully at any outlet in just three hours. The battery is covered in aluminum case, which has mounted electronic gadgets for monitoring battery. It is also air cooled. The E-scooter is fitted with high quality shock absorber so that it can easily absorb shocks of high intensity.

Via: Motorcycle

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