BMW brings elegance and precision of autos to street furniture

bmw metro40 street furniture

Designed for Landscape Forms, a Michigan-based manufacturer of outdoor furniture, the “Metro40” by BMW Group DesignworksUSA is a collection of street furniture that will introduce the elegance and precision of autos to ordinary objects of everyday use. Featuring smooth curves and design, the BMW street furniture other than ensuring comfort to the visitors also helps in improving the landscape. Comprising shelters, seating and lighting, the furniture collection will give a new dimension to city planning or designing, while enhancing the important city centers and tourist destinations globally. Check out more images of the Metro40 furniture collection after the jump.

bmw metro40 street furniture 03
bmw metro40 street furniture 02
bmw metro40 street furniture 04
bmw metro40 street furniture 01

Via: DesignworksUSA

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