Bluetrek Carbon is the world’s thinnest Bluetooth 3.0 headset!

bluetrek carbon

Wireless Communication major Bluetrek Technologies has rolled out the world’s thinnest Bluetooth 3.0 Headset – Carbon – made of carbon fiber. The gadget weighs just .25 ounces and comes with V3.O support. With the size of a straw, this Bluetooth can run up to four-and-half hours and for five days in standby mode.

Unlike other Bluetooth headsets, Carbon’s mic does not bulge out but is skinny and well fitted in the stem itself. Another feature that the Bluetrek boasts about is the set of four ear buds. One can pick the ear bud of his choice. The advanced audio enhancement technology present in the tiny device ensures clear conversations for both the parties. The device is being showcased at the Spring edition of The Hong Kong Electronics and Global Sources Fair that started on April 12 will conclude on 17. The price of Carbon Bluetooth headset is $70. Well, be the first one in your group to use this device and hog the limelight.

bluetrek carbon 01

Source: Engadget

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