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Bluetooth + MP3 Player sunglasses may get you beaten up by bullies in the street

The first rule of accessorizing states that “less is more.” The same bit of truism applies to sunglasses and must we say that no matter how impressive a pair of goggs with a built in mp3 player look, they won’t stop you from looking like a nerd and may dent your street cred. However, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t care what other people (or common sense) makes of your fashion choices, this pair of the Bluetooth + MP3 Player Sunglasses may warrant your attention.


The pair comes with a Bluetooth headset integrated into the frame that can be synced with the Bluetooth of any cellphone to allow the wearer to answer or reject calls right from the sunglasses themselves. High quality earphones and a built-in mic allow users to use the sunglasses as they would any other Bluetooth headset while handy control buttons located at the sides allows full hands free operation. What makes the pair of glasses even nerdier is that built in flash drive that comes with 4GB of storage that can be used to keep a 1,000 song strong playlist handy for those extreme situations when you’re stuck with just a pair of sunglasses to keep your entertained!

The Bluetooth + MP3 Player Sunglasses supports music files in MP3 and WMA formats and files can be transferred to the on-board memory via a Mini USB outlet. The pair of glasses is powered by a rechargeable 150mAh Li-ion battery built into it that stays good for up to 8 hours of playtime. The batts can be fully recharged in under three hours and provide a standby time of around 180 hours. The glasses themselves come with polarized lens and offer UV400 protection to the wearer. At $35 a pair, the Bluetooth + MP3 Player Sunglasses also doesn’t break the bank but we still think you shouldn’t wear anything like this anywhere other than a remote hippie resort in the pacific.

Via: China Vision

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