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Bluetooth enabled wireless keyboard from Elecom for easy calling and typing

A common hitch with most tablets is that they do not come with elementary phone features. But web surfing and other apps work just fine on them. So many people need handsets along with their tablets to make voice calls. This is exactly where all new gadget called TK-MBDD041 comes to your rescue. Using this device, you can keep track of your email messages and also make quick calls whenever required.

Bluetooth keyboard

The handy contraption has been designed very thoughtfully and can implement a lot more than basic call functions. Information from your tablet to this piece can be sent in a jiffy. The gadget, essentially a wireless keyboard, can easily sync with Bluetooth enabled devices. This means that it can be connected to gadgets like PCs, MACs, Tablets, DAPs and even cell phones.

So, the piece can be used as a regular keyboard and also a wireless handset. In fact, the TK-MBDD041 Series is actually a Bluetooth HID, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP embedded gadget. It is a product of Elecom and it is currently being retailed in Japan. But people from other parts of the globe can also buy the piece as it is available online at GeekStuff4U also.

Its keyboard is quite spacious and heavy typists will appreciate the neat layout. The OLED screen lets you check out all relevant information pertaining to your calls. It displays incoming calls and also has vibration alerts. You can also control your music player applications using the piece. A Bluetooth earpiece has also been slotted in it. Its battery will run for 3 days on a single charge. The piece can be yours for a cool $230.

Via: Akihabara news

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