Seven Bluetooth bracelets for the trendy

While the whole world is getting a technological up-gradation and makeover, why will your jewelry lag behind? Thus, some of the most futuristic bracelets are being made that serve as astounding jewelry pieces on one hand and Bluetooth devices on the other hand. So, stay connected with the world as you flaunt your hi-tech bracelet this fashion season. These bracelets are worth your money and you will surely fall in love. Have a look at them:

Ladies Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet

This bracelet is the most functional gadget for women. While men can always carry their mobiles inside their pockets, women often get confused what to do when they wear dresses that don’t have pockets. Now, the time has come when they can wear their cell phones as bracelets. This intelligent Bluetooth enabled device bends easily and take the shape of wrist. The black and white structure suits perfectly well with almost all feminine costume. The glossy OLED display helps women to use it conveniently while the B button provided with it helps in connecting and disconnecting a call. It also serves as a digital watch.

Beam electronic bracelet

This geeky bracelet was designed for the Braunprize geeky gadgets competition. This innovative piece of jewelry is the brainchild of the Mexican designer Rodrigo Guadarrama. It is more than an electronic gadget and is a great health monitoring device. The Bluetooth connectivity of this bracelet sets an alarm that connects the user’s home computer as well as the cellphones of the relatives and the family doctor in cases of emergency. Thus, in situations of health emergency, instant help can be provided. It ensures freedom for the patients without worrying about their health when they are away from home or hospital.

Bricell Jewelery phone

Bricell is the creation of the Kiwi based designer Chuck Lee. This is a smart and sleek cellphone that resembles more of a bracelet than a conventional electronic device. The electronic features of this innovative device includes two touch pads for navigating up and down and clicking, along with a pair of earphones that ensure handsfree options whenever required. The molded body with silicon touch add glamour to the aesthetic appeal of this hi-tech bracelet. The kit comes with an additional docking port for charging the device.

Jawbone Up

This is yet another achievement of the Jawbone, well known maker of Bluetooth devices. This Bluetooth bracelet will not only add a spark to your fashion statement but it will also keep a track on your daily activities and mode of lifestyle. The powerful sensors in this device alarm you whenever you commit something out of your daily routine which might be detrimental to your health too. It also guides you on how to have a good sleep. The durable hi-tech jewelry has a steel frame and sweat proof casting all around to prevent water damage. Thus, you can wear it everytime.

Chinavision Bluetooth Bracelet

With this brilliant hi tech bracelet, people with highly active lifestyles will be immensely benefited. Hence, businessmen, athletes and active service holders will always stay connected to the world with the built in features of this bracelet that comprise of Bluetooth connectivity, 60 hours of battery standby and 2.4 GHz frequency. Whenever there is a call on your cellphone, this device will vibrate and prompt you to take the call. Unfortunately, it does not have a shortcut button that can help you to receive or disconnect a call. The LED indicator makes it easy to decipher its commands even in the darkest of nights.

Bluetooth Bracelet TH-B01

A prestigious creation of the renowned name, Tokyoflash Creations, this amazing bracelet enables the user to know the timing by having a glance at the numbers in between the dots on its display screen. The supra cool chic design is sure to make you mad over it. The sleek design and the Bluetooth connectivity of this hi-tech device will never let you get out of contact with the world.

BluAlert Vibrating Bluetooth Wristband

This amazing geeky bracelet, designed by the Japanese company, Thanko, is a highly sophisticated cell phone alert system. It not only alerts you when you have a call in your cellphone but also displays the contact number of the caller so that you decide whether you receive the call or reject it. Thanks to BluAlert, the vibrating Bluetooth facility that makes this innovative bracelet a worth buying product. You will never leave your cellphone at home when you wear this bracelet as it will vibrate to alert you whenever you are more than 33 feet away from your cellphone.

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