Bloomit is an exercise in geometric weirdness


Radu Comsa seems to have a predilection for unusual. All his creations have a tinge of distinction about them. Bloomit is no different. Epitomizing everything that’s weird about geometry, this sofa is something that you’d long to own and once you get it you’d never know why you actually desired it. Basically, Bloomit is an amalgm of two design ideas. The first of these visions a circular couch that doubles up as a container when zipped. Just arrange it around poles (that otherwise remain ignored) and zip it; lo and behold, the strands of Bloomit will store any books and magazines that you want in the vicinity. The second design that Bloomit has been endowed with is an adaptation of the well-known disco-ball, albeit a folding one. “Random” becomes a virtue, a well-thought out design feature and gives Bloomit a characteristic look. Unfolding this sofa will transform it into a mirror image of the mirror-ball. Bloomit is a versatile furnishing, a comfortable seat and an object of attention. Full marks to the designer for originality!

Via: Raducomsa

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