Bloom TV stand lets your telly stand out and blossom

Unlike most entertainment solutions, the form of the television has remained largely unchanged throughout history. Though it went from boxy and square to super sleek, wide and rectangular, the TV and the entertainment cabinet/stand that goes with it has been forced to maintain strictly rectangular or square shapes to accommodate the ergonomics of the whole ensemble. However, designer Léon van Zanten thinks it doesn’t necessarily have to be so and has created a great new TV stand called the Bloom, which looks like a delicate, oversized floor vase and adds a touch of softness to your television also.

Vase-Shaped Stand

The Bloom TV stand takes the basic outline of the image that most children draw when they are asked to make a flower vase and used the television in place of the flowers and allows the stand to take the place of the vase. The beautiful combination of a flat screen television and an artistic stand is further enhanced by the drastic difference in the plastic/glass/metal of the electronic element and the soft, natural glow of the Birch wood used in creating the smooth, rounded shape of the stand.

The curvy stand looks like it may just topple over with a single touch but it is actually very cleverly designed to be optimally stable on the ground, thanks to a low center of gravity. A hole in the back allows cables and cords to be easily fitted into the stand and stay neatly away from sight.

Via: Gizmodo

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