Bloom is a massive solar installation that catalogues time and temperature

One look at this giant metallic web and you will be left enthralled. The humongous mesh network that enfolds into a canopy like structure has been stationed as a display at the Los Angeles based Materials and Application Gallery. Wondering what this towering structure really is? It is nothing but a sun tracking instrument that can index time as well as temperature. This neoteric yet cutting edge setup is actually known as the Bloom installation.

Bloom Installation

The entire surface is not smooth, planar and uniform but instead curvy and bends at many places, which alters its shape and form drastically. It is extremely flexible and light weight, which makes it a leading edge design. What makes the structure steady and stable is the correlation between the surface material and frame. Also, its design makes the setup really robust. Extremely thick metal plates have been used to build it and a lot of riveted connections have been used throughout the framework.

The structure is made entirely out of sheet metal. And not just any sheet, these metallic panes are temperature sensitive and about 14000 laser cut pieces of the sheets have been used. Also, around 414 hyperbolic paraboloid shaped panels have been used in this construction. The outline of the structure is quite unique and allows it to easily adjust to different environmental circumstances.

But what happens once this arrangement is installed in open spaces. The large metal plates actually heat up in the open and then begin to change form. They curl and twist allowing air to pass through easily and ventilate the entire space. This installation will maximize its efficiency on the 20th of March, which is the day of the Spring Equinox. This mind boggling structure is the creation of DO|SU Studio Architecture.

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