Bloom, an energy saving radiator gracefully designed for modern homes

Conventional radiators come tagged with the same boring look, which somehow brings down the designing of the house. Giovanni Tomasini has created an amazingly chic alternative in the form of Bloom, which has fetched heavy inspiration from the nature around us. The unique product inspired from blooming and blossoming of flora is quite sustainable and offers the much required warmth.

Elegant and Sustainable Radiator

The geometric balance of the product creates a pleasant appeal. It will look like a delicate decoration piece when wedged on the wall and enliven the area with its elegant designing. The heating circuit of the hydraulic version has been distributed in an ingenious manner, which will consume almost 20 times less water than that needed by a traditional radiator. The water saving trait is because HOTECH, a technology that demands just a limited participation of masses. The electric version of the awe amazing design comes fitted with a handy thermostat that will give all the power to control the temperature as well as functional programs.

The reduction of waste in Bloom is done keeping in mind all the ecological values. Bloom has been fashioned out of aluminum and copper, which makes sure that heat is transferred to the surroundings in an effectively as well as quickly. This will enhance the performance of the product, while at the same time saving precious energy. The product comes caked in eco friendly paints and varnishes, which add to the beauty of the product. Bloom is available in an array of colors, which will add a new mark to the decor of any dwelling.

Via: Freshome

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