Bliss Emotive Wrist Band to control your anger

In this competitive world it doesn’t take much time before you lose your metal fuse, which may make you sound irritable every now and then. Slightest of problems make us slip into an angry state, which is not good for health and can even lead to depression. Here, to help us tackle with a bad mood is Bliss Emotive Wrist Band, which has been designed by Parth Paikh.

Bliss Emotive wrist band

Millions of dollars are spent every year all across the globe on anger management classes and here, this simple and eye appealing wrist band will control your temper the easiest way. Every time your annoyance level accelerates, this innovative band will send alerts. But how does it come to know you are angry? Bliss Emotive comes embedded with sensors that read various body signals like the blood pressure, heart rate, pulse rate and even body temperature to gauge your rotten mood.

It works in conjugation with a smart phone application that displays your mood status by flashing attention grabbing graphs. Once the sensors detect your anger, the vibrating alarm gets activated. Once the user presses the band to stop the alarm, the Bliss application on the iPhone automatically gets activated (with the help of Wi-Fi). It senses your anger level and will send some kind of a stress reliever that will help calm you down in no time at all.

Bliss Emotive comes smothered in a lot of style and looks nothing less than a fashion accessory. It has a silicon interior, ABS plastic hard cover and is very light in weight. Charging the wrist band is very easy as it is accompanied by an induction battery charger that keeps it alive to keep a check on your mood. Bliss Emotive Wrist Band will definitely transform your life for good and keep you in a relaxed state.

[Cheers Parth]

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