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The ‘blinding’ spark of will led a visionless man to build his own car

So finally the cure for blindness has arrived! What’s more, it comes inbuilt in varying quantities in every human and we call it “will-power.” Absurd you say? Well, Mr. Pete Golsby of Suffolk, England might address your prejudice with the argument. At the age of 68, the blind Mr. Golsby has hand built himself a car. Yes, it’s a case akin to a bald person found in possession of a comb but what is noteworthy here is the gentleman’s undaunted desire and will which even surpassed the merit and use of the gift of sight.

Silver Pembleton Brooklands sports car

Tragedy struck Pete Golsby a decade and 2 years ago when he lost his sight owing to an immune system malady. Like it would affect any average person, Golsby felt like his life was falling apart with all his affairs in disarray. He’s always nurtured the dream of building an automobile with his own two hands. The dream seemed farfetched now but the moral courage in Mr. Golsby motivated him to go for it anyway. His resilience and courage yielded and nicely, when he amazingly managed to assemble into one the silver Pembleton Brooklands sports car. He did however have to resort to the use of magnifiers and visual aids. His other set of eyes was his patient and loving wife Hazel who stood by Pete during the intricate operations and ensured that they went off nicely.

The car’s engine was borrowed from a motorbike. The parts were bestowed by Golsby’s friends. The entire piping was obtained from an old shower which had to be dismantled and cleaned before installation. In the words of Mr. Golsby, the car is a matter of pride for him and is a reminder and symbol of his moral courage. Now the car only awaits its Single Vehicle Assessment before it can roll of the road with Hazel on the wheel and her proud husband by her side as zephyrs of accomplishment graze their hair.

Via: Wtfnews/ Orange

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