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Bless mobile platform to restore terrestrial telecommunications in emergencies

Natural calamities can take a toll. It gets a bit hard to get to the disaster struck area speedily because of missing communication links and other troubles like rubble and difficult terrain. This slows down the rescue operation, which in turn means proper help won’t reach on time and can lead to some seriously grave situations. Understanding the importance of telecommunication links in such situations, industrial designer Patrick Suriani has designed Bless. It is a recovery system of telecommunications that will prove to be a true blessing in case emergency strikes.

BLESS recovery system

This mobile platform will help bring back the terrestrial telecommunication systems, which will make it easy for rescue forces to reach the site. Bless comprises of a balloon shaped product that will be inflated at the disaster site. The surface of this balloon comes fixed with LTE antennas and satellite. This satellite in the design is further responsible for creating a link between the network and the balloon, while the balloon itself acts as an LTE receptor. These antennas are great for a broad coverage, making the product utterly useful. The system gets all the power to function because of the high efficiency solar panels that are present on the surface of Bless.

The base of Bless has been fashioned out of a standard container that us very easy to move around for efficient use. All the control instruments are placed inside it and even the hydrogen fuel cell generator is found in the base that makes sure energy is available for Bless to function even when dusk sets in. recovery system of telecommunications will aid in faster rescue, which is all victims want when trapped in treacherous conditions.

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