Blanket aka coverall that takes in solar energy and keeps people warm at night

Survivors of natural disasters have a tough time while they are being rehabilitated. Along with clean water and food, they also do not have access to shelter. Living out in the biting cold can become a huge problem for anyone. Sites that provide refuge aren’t always outfitted with basic amenities. With electricity and fuel shortages looming around, providing asylum from cold and rough weather conditions becomes a pressing problem.

Shareable Coverall

But here is a nifty gadget that can be used in disaster relief operations. It is actually a blanket that can help out victims till they find a shelter. What’s special about this blanket is that it collects heat during the day and then keeps the wearer warm at night. So, even if you do not have warm clothes for protection, this blanket will be there to your rescue.

Shareable Coverall

Another great thing about the piece is that it can also be worn as a coverall. You just need zips and buttons to make the transformation. So, apart from sleeping in it, you can also wear the blanket as a coverall and move around. This clever idea cuts down on the number of supplies that need to be shipped at disaster relief shelters. In addition to disaster victims, the garment can also be used by people who work in cold climatic conditions.

The shareable coverall is actually made from conductive yarn. The fiber thus has the ability to heat itself using kinetic as well as solar energy that are infused into it during day time. The textile is made using PCM or the phase-change memory technology and solar cell panel. The helpful and compassionate design that bagged the red dot award is a creation of Lee Jong Yun.

Via: Red Dot

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