Blades that make wheelchairs glide over snowy terrain a cake walk

It is quite difficult to walk over icy terrain and the task is even more challenging for wheelchair bound people or mothers who have to carry their babies in perambulators. But, a nifty product is here to bail out all those who are facing this predicament. The product, known as Wheelblades, is essentially like a set of small sized heavy duty skis that can be clasped onto the wheels of a mobile easily. In fact, the lightweight product can be used on many types of transportation carriages, haulages and mobile vehicles.


The product attaches to the front wheel of any mobile with a firm click. The wheelchair or pram will not drudge in snow now but instead glide smoothly. The blades slither easily and one has to exert very little power to make the wheelchair move. Moreover, the face of the blade that comes into contact with the snow has a sizable girth. This means that the front wheel will never sink into the snow and any bumps or crags coming in the way can be handled effortlessly. The binding has been transferred to the front portion of the ski so that it moves in the desired direction without resistance.

The blades maintain balance, minimize friction and the underside grooves provide additional stability. In fact, the weight of the wheelchair bound person is spread out evenly. Another driving wheel to counterbalance the movement of the wheel chair on the snow is not required. This means that another person can now push the wheelchair around without sweating it out. The intelligent gadget costing $245.82 is a creation of Patrick Mayer and will hit the market in October 2012. The inventor has requested bids from investors so that the product can be priced reasonably.

Via: Design Boom

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  1. Здравствуйте! Помогите пожалуйста где можно заказать данный товар для детской коляски, они просто необходимы!!! и сколько они будут стоить,сколько штук в комплекте?

  2. я имел ввиду wheel blades сколько это будет стоить, какое количество в комплекте, цена за доставку? помогите пожалуйста!!!

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