BlackBox to create physical copies of electronic messages and mails

Modern gadgets, like laptops, netbooks, tablets, mobile and smart phones, have made our lives easy. These gadgets keep us connected with the world and are a great way to communicate. The birth of SMS and IM conversations has made communication easy and quick. But, the only hitch that they come with is the failure to keep these messages on paper and cherish them later like letters or snail mail. Here to help keep the charm alive and seal memories on paper is the BlackBox, which has been designed by Joe Doucet.

BlackBox by Joe Doucet

BlackBox is a device that will swap electronic conversations into physical copies to make sure that memories are kept intact for years to come. Normally, people are forced to delete many conversations because of the shortage of storage space in the gadget, which erases memories attached with a particular message with the passage of time. Also, mails received are forgotten even when starred. BlackBox is a small and portable unit, which can be coupled with a phone and even a laptop.

The handy device will create instant copies and conversation records. When BlackBox is connected to an electronic gadget, it will generate two similar records by making good use of a standard, noncarbon receipt printing system. The second copy created can be shared with some other person and won’t require giving away your cherished copy. It will print records of every conversation, irrespective of its length. The device is much better than using a printer. So, keep memories intact and embrace special conversations with the portable BlackBox.

Via: Joedoucet

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