Bizarre yet beautiful piano designs

The shape and design of the elegant musical instrument called ‘piano’ has changed over the years into a visually attractive and modern musical equipment. The modern-day pianos have become sleeker and more innovative in design that can transform your interiors into stylish and elegant spaces. These days, you can find many customized piano designs that vary from the classic aristocratic elegance to the downright geeky variety. Here are eight such amazing piano designs that have added immense appeal to the opulent piano.

Chichi, the Rocking Piano

Chichi is the name of a piano that literally “rocks”. Designed by Sarah Davenport from UK, this piece was a part of the Furniture Show in Milan. This amazing, slender, wooden design is the baby grand, which has been given a Canadian Rock Maple veneer finishing and has the ability to rock while being played. This piano presently adorns Halton’s Riverside College and is used during the performance art sessions.

Avant Grande Pegasus

The Avant Grande Pegasus looks like an alien spaceship with its abstract structure and contours. The design is inspired by Schimmel’s Coloni design and has been improvised and recreated by Daniel Libeskind, an architect by profession. This futuristic-looking musical instruments is five meters in length and has abstract jutting ends with silver inlay work. The piano would be a perfect fit for any sci-fi movie.

Schimmel Pegasus

The Schimmel Pegasus is probably the most unique looking piano design with its sheer design and form. It looks like a starfighter or some other craft from outer space. This piano is the creation of Luigi Colani, an Italian designer and is a masterpiece in terms of craftsmanship. The keyboard is curved in shape and has a hydraulic lid that is electrically operated. The stool is upholstered in leather and is fully expandable. This luxurious piano has a lacquer finish and is available in three colors – white, black, and red.

Bosendorfer Audi Design

The Bosendorfer Audi design has a great musical quality and richness and is extremely durable. This Grand Piano was initially debuted at the Audi Forum that was held in Germany and is a big hit with musicians for its sheer performance. This luxurious piano is a perfect blend between the tradition and the modernity – making it a perfectly balanced piano.

Piano Table

The Piano Table is a great inbuilt piano that exists inside an elegant oak wood table – hence, serving two purposes. You can now literally eat off of your piano as this space-saving musical instrument can add glamor to your dining space with its majestic presence. Designed by Georg Bohle, this piano has 88 keys and is electrically operated.

The Key Between You Piano

‘The Key Between You’ piano by Yamaha is a great looking piano that has been designed by Yves Plattard. This piano comprises of ample seating arrangements and therefore creates a social atmosphere around the instrument. Coated with high gloss paint, this piano is certainly worth its cost.

The Hydra Piano

The Hydra Piano has been designed by Apostol Tnokovski who got his inspiration with the eccentric diva Lady Gaga. Apostol decided to come up with a piano design that matched up to her eccentric tastes and fashion. The Hydra is also inspired by the mythological sea monster, which is depicted by the flowing form of the piano.

M. Liminal Model

The M. Liminal piano has been designed and manufactured by Fazioli from Italy in association with Phillippe Gendre and NYT Line. It is a balanced instrument that is modern in outlook and finely crafted. It has been inspired by the sea as is depicted by the bold shapes and lines used in making the body of the piano. The wave-like contours depict the tumultuous ocean waves. The colors of the piano – black and red – are striking and appealing too. The piano has a metallic base, but is built in natural wood.

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