Bix furniture creates a variety of lounge-based applications

bix 1
Winner of a number of awards, including the Gold Award, NeoCon Award and Silver ARIDO Award, in numerous categories, the “Bix” by Metro Design Group is a multifunctional furniture unit that creates a variety of lounge-based applications with convenient connections to power, voice and data. Available in multiple fabrics, the furniture unit comes with an optional service tray that fits on the bench and podium, while the users may go for the podium with and without a projection screen as well. Offering both corner and straight sections, according to the liking of the users, the benches (with and without open storage underneath) double as alternative soft occasional table. Moreover, the users can effortlessly integrate technology to the furniture unit, going hand-in-hand with modern commercial apartments.

bix 2
bix 3

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