Biomimicry Heliotrope moves in the direction of light stimulus like a sunflower

biomimicry heliotrope

The most fascinating thing about a sunflower is its ability to turn with the movement of sun. Fetching inspiration from this directional growth, designer Jonathan Ota has come up with a lighting device named Biomimicry Heliotrope, which helps the device move in the direction of sun just like a sunflower.

The silver colored device, with a light bulb, has been fitted with a piston, which has been wedged on the other side of the blossom. When pressure is increased, alcohol evaporates in the flower that moves the piston. This movement bends the bloom in the direction of stimulus, just like a sunflower.

The flower closes up, on getting stimulus, without being plugged to an electric source. Biomimicry Heliotrope has been fashioned out of reasonably priced materials. Place it outside the house, where sunrays can touch its surface and see work mechanically like a sunflower.

The solar powered light bulb will make the outdoors sparkle when dusk sets in. Position it in a flower pot or between the greenery, Biomimicry Heliotrope will not fail to leave an impression.

Via: Jonathanota

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