Biomedical Vial Storage and Management System limits fingertip nerve damage

The average person may not realize this, but the storage and handling of cryogenically frozen medical samples is a rather serious and often hazardous task. Not only do medical professionals have to endure the cumbersome task of placing and retrieving these samples from mechanical freezers that need to maintain a -80ÂșC temperature inside while using thick cryogenic gloves, they also risk nerve damage when the skin of their finger tips comes is exposed to these freezing temperatures even through the gloves. To limit the risks to medical professionals and important medical samples, an Australian designer has created the ULTIVO -80C Biomedical Vial Storage and Management System.


The set of products addresses the problems faced during the manipulation, handling and accessing process when dealing with cryogenic vials. The Ultivo bypasses the need for cryogenic gloves and offers complete protection against skin contact with freezing surfaces. The Ultra Low Temperature Innovative Vial Operator AKA Ultivo, comprises of an Ulti-Box cryogenic storage box, an Ulti-Cap, an Ulti-Hand, an Ulti-Key and an Ulti-Grip which do not require the need for using cryogenic freezer safe gloves.

Up to 77 units of 1.8ml cryo-tubes can be fitted inside the standard-dimension Ulti-Box cryogenic storage box while existing internal and external threaded vials can be fitted with the new cryogenic vial cap called the Ulti-Cap. An all new multifunctional device called the Ulti-Hand package facilitates transport and storage and up to seven vials can be transported inside the insulated, double wall dry ice container of the Ulti-Hand.

To facilitate easy handling of the vial with two fingers, the product range comes with the Ulti-Grip which interacts with the Ulti-Key and Ulti-Cap to make the collection of sub products more intuitive to work with.

Via: James Dyson Award

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