Bio-fuel-growing Eco Pods modifying architectural genius

eco pods01

The recent economic slump has put the reins on a number of development projects, staining the landscape of the cities all across the globe. Modifying an identical project, the Filene development, the Höweler + Yoon Architecture in collaboration with Squared Design has come up with a vertical tower of prefabricated “Eco Pods,” filled with bio-fuel producing algae, in downtown Boston. The Eco Pods not only enhances the backdrop of the city, but also grow and change with the time to fulfill the altering needs.

Integrating robotic arms, powered by the bio-fuel generated within the pods, to move the pods around to optimize growing conditions, the structure also provides space to reform the pods, which can further be used to construct public parks or botanical gardens. Moreover, the pods could easily be removed and reinstalled on another location. In short, “this is anticipatory pre-cycled architecture, capable of generating a new micro-urbanism that is local, agile and carbon net-positive.”

eco pods02

eco pods03

eco pods04

Via: Inhabitat/Boston

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