Billboard House is a unique blend of outdoor media and housing

Billboard house

Billboards are a great way to advertize, which gives displayed products a great visibility and high consumer exposure. Giving this form of advertising an all new meaning is a great work done by the design team named Apostrophy. They have come up with the Billboard House, which has brought together the concept of housing and outdoor media.

Billboard House is a residential prototype, which is a multistory design that nicely rests on a trailer base. The roof of the design has been smothered with solar cells, which harness solar energy. The handrails feature hydroponic plants that act as a source of food for the owner. The functional design has been created keeping three kinds of users in mind: the client, the owner dweller and the billboard agency.

All the three will extract benefits from the design, which can be easily transported. The client will fetch advantage by placing advertisement on the billboard. Further, the owner dweller will fetch extra income that will come from the rent charged for advertising. On the other hand, the billboard agency will mint money, in the form of commissions, by coordinating between the client and the owner dweller.

Billboard House will prove to be an apt housing setup apart from acting as a great advertising platform. The setup can be altered as per the lifestyle and taste of the owner. The design of Billboard House has been shaped like a slim rectangle, which has a tri-vision billboard wedged on one of its face. The other side comprises of movable Thai-styled panels. Different types of patterns are created when these panels are moved.

All the surfaces have been used in an efficient way, making sure that available space is not wasted. Under furniture storage space will take care that all the items are nicely placed as this will accommodate stuff without consuming a lot of free space. A linear arrangement of functional units, like kitchen, home theater, bathroom and pantry, has been adopted, which have been placed against one wall. Billboard House is an ingenious structure, which is a great example of skilful designing.

Via: Designboom

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