Bikestop: Bikerack Workstation offers you a unique workplace

How would you like to convert your bike and the area that it surrounds into your own personal workplace? Well, if you are really someone who spends a lot of time on the campus and could do with a little stand that allows you to secure your bike and work on your laptop at the same time, then the Bikerack Workstation is for you. Instead of separating the parking place of your bike and that little space where you take out your books or your laptop to get a bit of work or study done, this ergonomic unit combines both to offer you a comfortable desk to work on.

Bikerack Workstation

Crafted from laser cut steel and wood, it comes with an ‘O’ ring that helps you secure your bike. The seat of the bike can act as your workstation seat as your bike slides in right alongside the desk. There is also a comfy foot pedal that helps you stand with a lot more ease. Obviously a few of these can be installed across university campuses to ensure that students have an easier time as they draw out their laptops or books to quickly catch up on some stuff.

The surface tops of the desk can be crafted according to taste and you can use materials that last long to ensure that you would not have to replace them on a regular basis. The idea of the Bikerack Workstation is something we can totally get behind as its design is practical, sound and feasible.

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