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Take your bike for a spin even at night with the Torch bicycle helmet

Enthusiastic bikers face quite a dilemma at times. How can you hit the road at night if your ride does not have lights? You might want to look at the T1 helmet if the situation sounds familiar to you. This helmet sports a bright light just above your forehead thus warning other people on the road that there is another rider coming along. This light is clearly visible and can be noticed easily among heavy traffic lights. The easy to use piece is extremely light but also very rugged. The fit of the torch can be adjusted to make the helmet more comfortable and safe.

T1 helmet

And why just bikers, even skaters and college kids who swing on their boards often, will absolutely love the piece. The helmet itself has a snazzy look that urbane youth and sporty kids will really dig. Though the basic outline of regular helmet is retained in this design, quite a few novel details have also been added in. The LEDs disperse light across the lenses that have been fitted at the front and back. From this viewing angle, the light becomes brighter and their visibility increases enormously. Also, the lenses protect the LEDs from dust, water and debris.

The piece is crafted using cutting edge technology. It has an expanded polystyrene body and a thin polycarbonate casing. The piece is manufactured using the in mold technique. The torch of the helmet is CPSC certified. The helmet is daubed in vivid hues and its finish is clean and smooth. The piece is available in three different colors of black, white and red. There is also a special Midnight Addition with smoked black lenses. The helmet costs around $100 without the batteries.

Via: Kickstarter

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