Bike 2 O is a cost effective way to fetch water for developing countries

Clean water is precious, but many are not that lucky to get it in abundance every single day and have to walk for miles at a stretch just to get a few cans for everyday use. Developing countries, especially Africa, faces a lot of clean water related problems and efforts are being made to provide villages and other low areas a proper method to fetch as well filter water. Michael Young understood the plight of people living in these regions and came up with a brilliant design named Bike 2 O.

Bike 2 O

The designer found out that almost 20% of sub-Saharan Africa is a good 30 minutes away from a potential water source. It has been seen that on an average every woman carries 20 kg water by hand, which is quite tiring. Hand pumps, wells, tube wells, etc. are always a great option, but then these large items break down due to neglect. People are not ready to pay just to maintain these things as they are not personal and are public. Bike O 2 is a low cost solution that will answer a variety of problems in one go, which includes water acquisition, sanitation and transportation. It is cheaper to maintain than existing systems like stationary pumps or wells.

Bike 2 O is perfect for those individuals that fetch water from an above ground source, in turn improving sanitation plus decreasing travel time and all the effort that goes into fetching water. The design mainly comprises of a drill pump, filter, hose and 10 kg water cans that are all attached to the bicycle. It also has a kick stand that rests on the notch while traveling, but is held down by the leverage of the bike’s weight. This keeps the water cans above the surface while filling them, which will save the labor of installing them on the bike when heavy and fully filled. While the bike and cans go up, the pump comes down at the same time to the wheel. Jerry cans are held together by a strap and can be easily removed.

The pump comes with a ceramic filter that will filter water even if it comes from mud puddles or sediment heavy drainage ditches. This may clog the filter, but there is no need to worry as the filter can be easily removed and scraped clean in water. When the wall thickness of this filter is greatly reduced (in a year’s time or so) one can replace it with a fresh cartridge costing $20. The pump in the design also slides out without much effort and needs to be replaced every 3-4 months, which will cost only $4. Bike 2 O is a well thought design that will make fetching water and its filtration quite easy, making sure water borne diseases are kept at bay and time is also saved in terms of transportation.

[Cheers Michael]

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