The Big Jambox redefines the concept of brawny with its beefy design

Do you love the Jambox, the little mini speaker which connects easily with your phone, iDevice and other musical instruments? If the answer is a big yes, then you’re simply going to adore what Jawbone, the parent company of the miniature device has to offer you with its newest invention.

Big Jambox

They are back with Big Jambox, the new and improved version of their previously launched Jambox. The features are pretty much the same, however, the difference lies in the size, the price and of course, the sound quality. The Big JamBox lives up to its name and has been increased to a size of 10” x 3.1” x 3.6”. As we speak of the size, even the price has been raised by a hundred, making it available for a whopping $299. The wooden look of the box lends it a very fresh, yet a beefy look. The design may not be as user friendly as can be expected, but the utility is what everyone is definitely going to get accustomed to in a big way.

As the portability has been compromised on, the Big Jambox is ideal for big parties and events. You can maximize the sound and also control the kind of music you want to play. Ideal for outdoor parties and other scenes, the small size is what will be greatly missed when one checks out the Big Jambox.

Via: Huffington Post

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