Bicycle buses let kids get much needed exercise

Commuting by bicycle is not uncommon in the Netherlands, so why schoolchildren should be left behind. One Dutchman incorporated simple technology to re-design traditional yellow school bus into a greener transport, pedal bus, to carry kids to school and back. What a creative and an innovative idea!

Bicycle Bus

This eco friendly bicycle bus includes eight pedal sets for children aged 4 to 12, a pedal set for an adult driver and a seat for three kids to enjoy a free ride. All the seats have an adjustment feature to fit kids of all sizes. So far, around 25 such buses have been sold by the Dutch manufacturer, across Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and undoubtedly, there is a room for more.

The base speed of the pedal bus is 10 miles per hour, and a backup motor is provided for challenging hills or kids who get tired. Another interesting feature of the bus is that a music player is included to double the fun on the ride. Not to forget, a canvas cover to provide shelter on the rainy days. For certain, it is an interesting and thoughtful way to introduce cycling to kids who live in a country where commuting by cycle is a way of life.

Overall, in this age of rising fuel prices, this fun bicycle bus is a good mode of transport that will help to keep our environment clean and green. In addition, kids can utilize their massive energy the right way and get some much-needed exercise.

Via: Dvice/ Treehugger

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