Bicimoto FX-01 Motorized bicycle is ready for Peruvian streets

Motorized bicycles are a huge craze in Peru and the bikes form a large portion of personal transport in the country. Developed for local auto manufacturer Phoenix Motors, the Bicimoto FX-01 motorized bicycle concept comes with an 80cc engine that outputs 48bhp. The concept combines the user friendliness of a bike frame and aims at fitting a conventional engine within the same framework to ensure that the vehicle does not lost its functionality.

Bicimoto FX-01

By retaining the physical characteristics of the bicycle, the Bicimoto FX-01 is able to offer users the same ease of use as a regular non-mechanized bicycle does. The design also makes it more cost effective to manufacture since additional exterior components like fenders and mudguards are not required in the design of the bike. A suspension fitted seat cushions the rider from bumps on the road while LED front lamps and illuminated brake lights make the vehicle visible to other motorists on the road at night. The steel casing of the engine protects the rider from coming in contact with the heated engine and also houses an anti theft mechanism that makes it virtually impossible for the engine and other mechanical components to be stolen without rending the whole bike useless.

Since these vehicles are also already immensely popular in the country as a mode of transport, the Bicimoto FX-01 can be used not only for personal mobility but also as delivery vehicles for smaller businesses and its frame and surfaces can be adapted to serve as advertising spaces for local businesses. A single chain is used in the transmission and speed changes are facilitated by the same mechanism as found in multiple gear bicycles. To better adapt the vehicle to the general population of Peru, the height of the Bicimoto FX-01 is also slightly lowered. The vehicle can also be modified to carry boxes and baskets which make it an ideal vehicle for delivery services, shoppers and students.

Source: Wix

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