BIC Music City MP3 player takes consumerism to the next level

With the world economy going down the loo and fast, the need for the world to rethink the way it spends has become more important that it ever was. However, a great majority of the younger population of the world today has grown up in an extremely consumerist world and they just cannot seem to be able to think outside that box. One of the prime examples of this predominantly consumerist mindset is the BIC Music City Mp3 Player Concept by Sebastian Garcia Design which basically asks users to keep a whole stash ofMP3 players instead of having their music stored in one iPod/MP3.

BIC MP3 player

The designer bases his concept on the premise that instead of keeping your music organized via playlists, it is much better to keep separate MP3 players for different playlists. So if you have a music set that you play in the gym and a separate one that you play when you’re driving, it would be better if you carried two MP3 players instead of simply making two separate playlists in the same MP3 player. The modular design of the BIC MP3 players allow you to stack them on top of each other while charging and simply pick the one with the desired set of music when you have to go.

Though the notion of keeping separate MP3 players for separate facets of your life is simply wasteful, the design of the BIC Music City MP3 player is very pleasing in itself. With controls fitted right on the face, the MP3 player comes with a clip at the side and micro-USB port at the lower end of the device. A simple slider button allows users to browse through their files with ease making the interaction as engaging as possible. The best feature of the BIC Music City MP3 player, however, is the fact that the MP3 player can be paired to any compatible speaker via Bluetooth to transform the player into a more powerful audio system which allows maximum music portability for the user.

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