Berg frei: Wall-mounted sofa is a boon for cramped living spaces

berg frei 02

This new design is sure to catch your eye, making you realize your desire for stylish, unique and modular furniture. Designer Nicole Losos redefined the concept of furniture by creating a couch inspired by mountain landscape. Dubbed as “Berg frei,” this unique creation helps you experience the extended view of your surroundings, akin to mountains, altering your outlook toward the height and direction. Now, the space limited surfaces at your home or office would be able to create an unusual bond with the surrounding space. The wall-mounted sofa offers you a very comfortable way of conversing eye to eye, in spite of your sitting or standing posture, with 40cm of difference.

Cautiously designed with accurate height and dimensions, the Berg frei can be altered to a height level of 82 cm and its curvy structure lets you to lay back with ease. Presenting perfect lighting with a lamp located at the corner, it’s quite spacious with defined place for keeping your stuff and belongings. Generating a feel of being at the Alps, this piece of furniture offers you a comfortable place for sitting, relaxing, reading and playing.

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[Cheers Nicole]

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