Behold the natural beauty of flowers in Solipetal

solipetal bjwlB 2112
As much as vases with single stem flowers look good, nothing can beat an elaborate floral arrangement. No wonder then that Ikebana, the Japanese floral art is becoming increasingly popular. Now, if you don’t have the time, energy or inclination to learn Ikebana, you can still have your own Ikebana (almost) by owning a couple of vases that simulate the floral arrangement of Ikebana. Take a look at Solipetal, an unusual flower holder designed by Carlos Fierro. The unique design of the vase allows you to play with your ideas of flower arrangement. So, instead of dumping flowers in a vase, you get to try various combinations and come with a unique arrangement each time. Thanks to the brilliant design, the arrangements look natural instead of the made up look. It is made with high tech ceramic and is 100% recyclable. Go ahead and let your creative juices flow!

via: designspotter

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