BedBubker vows to keep your valuables and firearms safe

Do you sometimes fear about getting valuables stolen while you are away or sleeping? Well, one look at the BedBunker and I bet you will have a good night’s sleep every time you hit the bed. The gun safe product has been designed by John Adrain and definitely has many takers. At first glance it looks like a normal bed, but under it there is enough space to store 70 handguns and 35 rifles.


BedBunker will prove to be just the right thing to store weapons as well as valuables as it features the same locks that are in used government buildings, like the Pentagon requiring high security. It weighs a good 1300 lbs and is much better than traditional safes that can be easily broken and carried out of the house. The weight makes it almost impossible to move, while the locking system vows to keep everything safe in the frame of the bed. The steel doors can be easily unlocked in as less as 10 seconds by sliding over the mattress.


The one of its kind gun safe hidden inside the bed won’t occupy any additional space than what consumed by a bed. BedBunker is available in two sizes, the Cal King and the twin size, which come stashed with a price tag of $4,200 and $2,200, respectively. But, the price is nothing in front of all the valuables and 105 firearms that you can safely store inside it. The bed is definitely unique and will be a hit amongst millionaires and billionaires.

Via: Dvice

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