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Becker Automotive Design pimps out Cadillac Escalade ESV with exercise bike

There are pimped out rides and then there are some more. Luxury car enthusiasts have ensured that we have seen almost every kind of modern amenity fitted inside a limo or SUV including stripper poles and giant plasma screens. This Cadillac Escalade ESV too has received some luxury trimmings from the modders over at Becker Automotive Design though the auto artists took their responsibility towards the well being of their customers a little too seriously and decided to fit the vehicle with half an exercise bike!

Cadillac Escalade ESV

Yes, you read that right folks, this maxed out SUV comes with an exercise bike fitted into the rear seat that allows one of the passengers seated at the back to get their daily workout in while they commute to and from work or while they are enjoying weekend getaway with the family. Fitted with hand grips and exercise pedals, the vehicle is the perfect commuter for the exercise junkie or the average filthy rich, balding, middle aged businessman who doesn’t want his 20-something trophy wife sweating it away in some posh gym with a hot-bodied personal trainer.

For the average fitness enthusiast who travels in a ride as posh as this, a simple bike rack at the back of the vehicle would be a far saner option but then again that wouldn’t let you boast to your other millionaire friends about how your insane schedule leaves your with little time to hit the gym for an actual workout!

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