Beach Lounger: A perfect chair for all your beach needs

Beach Lounger

A day at the beach is an exciting outdoor pastime with your family and friends, where you build sand castles, play Frisbee or volleyball, collect seashells, take a sun bath, surf and dive. It’s a hell lot of fun and excitement, but often involves you carrying regular paraphernalia to the beach. So mostly, you can find yourself carrying many bags, bottles, chairs, umbrella, basket and surfboard. You may struggle your way through the beach to pick your favorite spot. Well, the Complete Beach Lounger makes your trip to the beach a cakewalk. This portable lounge chair is the perfect fit for any of your beach necessities.

With a carrying capacity of 225 pounds, it comes with a cooler, an umbrella, a pillow, a side table and many pockets to store all your food, drinks and the rest of your beach stuff. This beach lounger has two armrests that have the capability to store 12 cans of soda, 4 wine bottles; and you can still find space for your sandwiches. You need not worry about the conditions of your sandwich in this sizzling heat because the Beach Lounger can keep them cold and chill your taste buds in this scorching heat. There are also two cup holders fitted to the armrest so that your drinks are in the right place where you want them. Umbrella and beach go hand in hand. You cannot think of getting out on the beach without an umbrella that protects you from the sun. The Beach Lounger provides you with a removable umbrella of 4′-diameter. The best part is you can tilt it to any direction and block those harmful UV rays. The umbrella safeguards you from the sun as it can be tilted to 180 degree, and rotated to 360 degree as well.

Beach Lounger

You can also store your newspapers, magazines, sunscreen lotion, towels, cups, Frisbee, swimsuits etc. under the seat in a 18″ x 21″ pocket. The lounge chair has an adjustable pillow to rest your head and neck. You can shift the position of this pillow to whichever direction you need, depending on your lying position or sitting position. Rest your tired legs and feet in this detachable leg rest connected to the lounge chair. The leg rest can also be converted to a side table to keep your stuff and a lap table to browse your PC.

The beach lounger is made of breathable soft mesh. You can fold your lounge chair and carry it on your shoulder with the two shoulder straps; or simply pull it by the handle that can be used as a telescope. This beach lounger is made to reduce the stress and difficulty and allows you a packing that is more comfortable.

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