BBQnique: Barbecue unit doubles as a stunning outdoor table


The BBQnique by Steve Zagar is a unique barbecue unit that doubles as a dining/coffee table (for up to eight people), after you are done with the cooking. Presenting a control valve, ignitor and a burner, the BBQnique effortlessly transforms into a stunning outdoor table, offering a stylish yet practical cooking as well as dining space for smaller courtyards, balconies and even houseboats. Easy to clean, the multifunctional barbecue table comes with a natural granite top and stainless steel base, together with a grill, hot plate, wok, oven and stove, wherein you may bake and serve a variety of meals to your family and friends. Moreover, the BBQnique featuring a 9kg gas bottle that lasts 2-3 times longer than conventional BBQs, hence causing less harm to the environment.

Other important specifications of the BBQnique are:

• Table top diameter: 1400mm
• Pedestal (base) diameter: 700mm
• Height: 750mm
• Weight (approx): 155kg
• Cooking area (approx): 2000cm2

bbqnique 2
bbqnique 3
bbqnique 1
bbqnique 4
bbqnique 5
bbqnique 6
bbqnique 7

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