Basso stowable mat transforms into a workspace

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The floor is used for a variety of reasons; work accessibility, freedom of movement and the ability to spread out are among some of the advantages. However, things like posture and support are rarely addressed when working on a floor-type setting. Providing a solution, designer Arvin Abadilla has designed a stowable mat that transforms into a workspace, allowing use of the surrounding floor and legroom to spread out. Dubbed the “Basso,” the floor mat offers a versatile design that can be used for different purposes. Featuring an adjustable lumbar angle for relaxation or work postures, the Basso can be used as a bed, lounge chair or workstation.

Made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), the Basso’s padding consists of two different layers of foam that ensure comfort and support, and polyurethane foam on the top cushions and the dense lower EVA foam layer, which acts as a buffer, underneath. HDPE is recyclable, crack and impact resistant, lightweight and food safe, supporting comfort as well as durability. The injection molded structural supports maintain rigidity. Its arm mechanism, inspired by workout equipment, features pop-pins and is robust enough to withstand large amounts of lateral force and torque.

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[Thanks Arvin]

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