Bamboo homes address housing concerns in earthquake-prone Haiti.

bamboo housing project in haiti

The need for housing facilities in Haiti is a serious concern. The deficit in housing facilities existed prior to the 2010 earthquake. The thousands of earthquake-devastated existing houses left many people homeless. Any housing facility in Haiti has to address the concern for protection of homes against natural disasters, which frequently occur in the area. Design studio St Val Architect has come up with the refreshingly new concept of vertical bamboo homes. These bamboo homes are built using the traditional basket weaving techniques, which refer to interweaving natural fibers available locally and molding it into a cocoon shape. This form of architecture is based on space segmentation, which according to the builders reflects the transient nature of the ever-changing habitat.

bamboo housing project in haiti 01

Bamboo is a preferred material for building houses in this region, as it is a cheaper option and is flexible and strong. These properties make it earthquake-safe. The homes are also resistant to high winds and floods.

bamboo housing project in haiti 02

The Bamboo homes are vertical in nature and experts believe that they will have a negligible impact on the earthquake-ravaged territory. The all-new bamboo homes represent an effort to use locally available natural materials to build safe housing options, and this effort should be adequately appreciated as a viable alternative.

Via: WorldArchitectureNews/Archiportale

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